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ITS-CA Benefits 2017
ITS California (ITS-CA) offers four levels of annual membership and three levels of sponsor membership. Both membership and sponsorship are available to any individual or organization that supports the ITS-CA mission. View a list of our Members.
ITS-CA, through cooperative relationships with other advanced transportation technology consortia throughout California and the nation, has established a virtual regional/state/national network to offer our members and sponsors a full range of benefits.
  • ITS-CA member organization network
  • New local, state, national and international markets
  • Industry leaders, implementers, policymakers and regulators
  • Strategic industry committees
  • Globally market your products and services
  • Participate in statewide transportation planning decision making
  • Participate in state and national standard development processes
  • Promote your organization in local, state, national and international arenas
  • Network with local, state, national and international contacts
  • Position your organization strategically
  • Targeted strategic partnering
  • Advanced transportation systems clearinghouse on the Internet
  • Agency and industry job announcements
  • Annual conference and exhibition
  • Quarterly industry network meetings
  • Formal technical presentations and meeting
  • Timely technical, legislative and market updates
  • Local, state, national and international business opportunities
  • Local, state, national and international deployment activities
  • ITS California and ITS America technical staff support

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